Acknowledged international summer camp for blind and partially sighted youngsters comes to Belgium.

Next week, the ICC project will be hosted in the Belgian city of Leuven. This 10-days event offers blind and partially sighted youngsters from Europe and Japan all kinds of workshops in an educative but fun atmosphere. The workshops prepare them for higher education and
help them integrate in the labour market. ICC Belgium organizes this camp in collaboration with KU Leuven and offers a unique experience for sixty 16- to 21-year-old partially sighted young adults from almost 20 different countries. Throughout the exchange , the youngsters can participate in a program of various workshops about technological resources and social skills, tailored to their personal needs.
For example, get tips and tricks on how to use a screen reader efficiently and get to know many apps on desktop as well as mobile platforms that boost their productivity in their dilly lives. A special focus is put on solutions that are still new and unknown.
Besides the technical area, there is also a big diversity in workshops on social skills with subjects such as cooking, assertiveness and personal care and appearance. All those workshops are offered by experienced practitioners who are often blind or partially sighted young people themselves, originating from all participating countries. That way, the ICC
provides a unique international exchange of knowledge.
Besides the workshops, the youngsters can also expand their social network across the country borders and discuss culture, sports, music or just have a quiet talk. At this moment, ICC Belgium is very busy with the last preparations of the 10 days event.
Schedules are being compiled, computers and networks are being in stalled, and a team of enthusiast volunteers that will assist participants throughout the camp is receiving their last training sessions. In short, the ICC machine is ready for take-off and the whole project team thrilled to actualize what has taken more than two years of preparation.
Luckily enough , ICC Belgium doesn’t have to accomplish its mission without support. Besides KU Leuven university , ICC Belgium is partnering with, for example, several Lions clubs, Optelec, de Cronos Groep and Telenet and is supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission. Also you can support ICC. You can do so, through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe or by donating on the account number BE96 0017 1193 4105. Material support or a helping hand is welcome as well. 🙂