ICC weekend 2019 schedule

Hereunder, you can find the schedule of the ICC weekend 2019. The different options for the workshop sessions and leisure time activities are underneath the schedule.

Friday november 8 2019

  • 18:00-20:00: Welcome and small snack
  • 20:00-22:00: Leisure time session 1
  • 22:00: Bar

Saturday november 9 2019

  • 08:00-09:30: breakfast
  • 10:00-12:00: workshop session 1
  • 12:00-13:30: lunch
  • 13:15-16:00: open moment for professionals and parents
  • 13:30-15:30: workshop session 2
  • 15:30-16:00: break
  • 16:00-19:00: leisure time session 2
  • 19:00-21:00: dinner
  • 21:00: party time

Sunday november 10 2019

  • 08:00-09:00: cleaning up rooms
  • 09:00-10:00: breakfast
  • 10:30-12:30: workshop session 3
  • 12:30-13:30: lunch
  • 13:30: departure

Activities description

Workshop session 1 – saturday morning the 9th of november

  • efficiently working with MS Word
    Are you struggling to make a document in Microsoft Word, or are you wondering how to use Microsoft Word more efficiently than you are doing now? Are you curious to discover what features Word has to offer, even for blind/visually impaired people? Then this workshop might be something for you. Here, we will have a look at common and very useful features that can help making a well structured Word document more easily. We will mainly focus on the menu structure of MS Word, on the dialogue, and the shortcuts to format a document with pre-defined styles, and on ways to review the document.
  • Privacy: how to protect my digital identity?
    Ever wondered what happens with your data when you enter it into a website? Ever wondered how facebook knows that you’re interested in travelling?
    In this workshop, you’ll get to know everything about it!
    We will explain how services as Facebook and Google know you so well, which settings you can change to protect yourself.
    We will also explain everything about the new GDPR law and which rights you have concerning your personal data.
  • The great app exchange
    Mobile apps are the true power lying within smart devices such as smartphones or tablets and assist us in fully functioning as an independent human being. This workshop is a great opportunity to demonstrate and share the apps you cannot live without. So grab your phone or tablet and tell us about your favorite apps!
  • Cooking one on one
    Do you want to impress your (future) boy or girlfriend with A home-made romantic dinner? By the end of this workshop you will be able to prepare a full three course meal. You will be guided by your own personal assistant, so cooking one on one. You will be able to use handy kitchen tools that are specifically practical for people with a visual impairment. For the main course you can choose between Pasta with marinated salmon and broccoli pesto or seasoned meatballs with rice and provencal sauce. The starter is fixed.
    Subscribe now since places are very limited!
  • Let’s talk about sex
    People don’t talk easily about sex. Dating, first kiss, first sex, safe sex,… aren’t subjects we easily talk about. In this interactive, participatory workshop we talk together about sex and learn from each other.

Workshop session 2 – saturday afternoon the 9th of november – open moment

  • Introduction to Reaper, the most Accessible Audio and music Production software
    You use a screen-reader and you want to do something with audio? No matter if you’re a podcaster, a musician, a producer, or just passionate about sound, Reaper can do the audio and midi editing for you …and guess what … it’s all accessible and free to use. In this workshop, we firstly introduce you to what Reaper is and what exactly it can do. Then we get you acquainted with its workflow and go hands-on with some basic audio editing examples. Last but not least, we point you towards the right resources that can help you make Reaper do what you want it to do.
  • Commentary, the Revolutionary Screen Reader for android
    Scanning inaccessible apps on your android smartphone and interact with them anyway? Solving annoying captcha codes right at your fingertips? Controlling your phone by voice or make a press on both volume buttons. topen your favorite app? These are just a few of the advanced features of commentary , the new , cutting edge, and revolutionary Chinese screen reader which turns your android device into a speaking productive powerhouse. In this workshop , you will be among the very first Europeans to get your hands on it and test its brand new English version. We will outline commentaries basic and more advanced features that are unseen up to now in the android world. Moreover , you’ll get the opportunity to test the screen reader with some commonly used apps and real-life situations. No matter if you are already familiar with android or are wondering if it might be worth switching from IOS, this workshop is not to be missed.
  • Successful job searching: first steps to make your own money
    We will be covering different methods in job searching and zooming on issues related to your visual disability. What is the best structure for your cv? Which platforms can you use to find a suiting job? And how can you land it? What are do’s and don’ts during a job interview? Questions like these will be discussed. The key in this workshop is using your visual disability as an advantage.
  • Tech Touch
    We’ve already made about 200 podcasts with Tech Touch. Today we present some of them. On the one hand we have some nice gadgets like google home or Alexa. On the other hand, we show you some useful computer tools and apps that make life easier.
  • Navigaid
    “In 55 m turn left onto navigation Street. Then your destination will be right in front of you.”
    A workshop that gives you a quick overview of different navigation apps that can help you finding your way independently all around the world. If you don’t feel like printing huge tactile maps to carry them with you to find your favourite bar, this workshop is just what you need.
    We will discuss classic big pillars in the gps technology such as Google maps, but we will also update you on which apps are very useful to explore the area around you. Besides, we will share personal experiences from daily life, and at the end we will show you at first hand what it is like to walk alone through Antwerp with the power of navigation Technology!
    The workshop mainly focuses on navigating for blind people, but of course everyone is more than welcome. So grab your mobile phone and let’s navigate!

Workshop session 3 – sunday morning the 10th of november

  • Introduction to HTML: building our first website
    In this workshop, people will learn how to create a well structured, easy to navigate, webpage in html. HTML is a syntax that can be used to build webpages and whole websites. We will first learn about the different parts of a html page. Afterwards, we will start building our own webpage with what we learned. For this workshop, a minimal knowledge of structure in documents is expected (headings, lists …).
  • Interpersonal relationships
    Having fur filling and meaningful connections with our fellow human beings is one of these key factors that can make us feel happy. In this workshop, we want to create a safe space where stories and experiences about building relations with others can be discussed, no matter if they are of friendly, family or romantic nature. We have special attention to the way a visual impairment can influence these connections. More than only focusing on the challenges though, we want to work towards a positive and helpful exchange of tips and tricks that can boost your relationship building skills, based both on psychological insights and the participants experiences.
  • Nonverbal communication
    In everyday life, non-verbal communication plays a pivotal role. We say many things to each other without speaking, on social media such as Instagram, for example. Even when we are involved in a spoken conversation, it is not always easy to understand the message completely, as a blind or visually impaired person, since 55 % of our communication happens through body language. In this, we will share tips and tricks interactively that help you understand where information could be lost and how to deal with these cases effectively. We will provide you with some essential tips and tricks on how to better manage your own non-verbal communication.
  • Networking for Success
    Networking is the fuel that accelerates your success. We are not talking about computers but the process of meeting with a lot of people, and building valuable relationships to achieve your goals. According to Hal Lancaster networking remains the No. 1 cause of job attainment. In this workshop we will not only explore how you can use networking for your (future) professional goals, but how to implement this process as a lifestyle strategy. Which are the difficulties you encounter when networking with a visual impairment? How can you overcome them and even use this to your advantage? This is what you will learn in ‘Networking for Success’.
  • Drama: the stage is waiting for you!
    Are you a real theatre player? or have you never been on a stage? Don’t worry,, because everything is possible on our ICC stage. The craziest, the better! Improvise and make your own play. The stage is waiting for you.

Leisure time session 1 – friday evening the 8th of november

  • Meet me
  • Karaoke
  • Board games

Leisure time session 2 – saturday afternoon the 9th of november

  • City walking tour
  • Torbal
  • Dungeons & Dragons session
  • Jam session
  • Board games

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ICC Weekend 2019

Antwerp, Belgium

Imagine: A place in the heart of Antwerp where blind and visually impaired young people between 16 and 30 from all over the continent unite. They learn from each other to be more independent, both for studying and work as well as for their free time and while performing hobbies. All this happens, moreover, in an open, easy-going atmosphere. They follow workshops about the newest accessible technologies, but also about social skills, music, sports and more. There’s also time for culture, fun and friendship across borders. Mostly though, it is the unique warm and open ICC atmosphere that makes it to an adventure to never forget.

Does this sound promising? If so, the ICC weekend may well be your ideal Antwerp Trip in November. The weekend, organized by ICC Belgium, brings the unforgettable ICC summer camp spirit back to live. Three days of informative workshops and positively challenging activities, but most of all three days of enjoyment and togetherness, are awaiting you. Are you hearing of us for the first time or are you an ICC-veteran? Do you want to know everything about accessibility of Android devices or get tips and tricks to surf the internet efficiently? Would you like to discuss  taboo subjects coming with a visual impairment, or do you prefer mastering your skills as a cook? Are you fan of a good jam session or would you rather surround yourself with the wealth of culture Antwerp has to offer? It doesn’t matter! We welcome you with open arms! Even as a parent or professional you get plenty of opportunities to get to know us.


ICC Weekend 2019


Friday November 8nd, 18:00 until Sunday November 10th 15:00
Open moment: saturday november 9, from 13h00 to 16h00.


scoutshuis, Wilrijkstraat 45, 2140 Antwerp, Belgium.

Do you need assistance to get there? Let us know when subscribing, You’ll then be picked up by us at the train station of Antwerpen Berchem, Brussels Airport, or Brussels South Charleroi airport.

For whom?

  • Blind or visually impaired people between 16 and 30 years old, with at least a basic knowledge of English
  • Professionals and parents during the open moments (see schedule)


75 euro, including accommodation, meals and all workshops and activities.
A visit as parent or professional during the open moment is free of charge.


View the full schedule


Subscribing as a participant is no longer possible, but you can still subscribe for the open moment.
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We got new laptops thanks to Narato!

Dear ICC Followers,

You remember the great company that helped us developed an accessible app for our camp? Note that Narato does not only creates great software solutions. Thanks to them, ICC Belgium received this week-end 5 laptops !!!

Narato logo

We are so grateful for all the coming workshops for blind and partially sighted youngsters we will organize with this new material!

Thanks again http://narato.be/ You are the best !!!

ICC Belgium receiving laptops from Narato - best software company ever

The ICC Belgium team

#Sonarato #thanks #ICCBelgium #happyblinds


THE ICC DAY 2018 is COMING !!!

Icc day is coming from games of thrones

Every year, the “ICC Belgium” team organizes a 1-day ICC CAMP in Belgium allowing young blind and partially sighted youngsters to get a first flavor of the potential behind the ICC camp.

Let’s go for a new round this 31st of March 2018

Acknowledged international summer camp for blind and partially sighted youngsters comes to Belgium.

Next week, the ICC project will be hosted in the Belgian city of Leuven. This 10-days event offers blind and partially sighted youngsters from Europe and Japan all kinds of workshops in an educative but fun atmosphere. The workshops prepare them for higher education and
help them integrate in the labour market. ICC Belgium organizes this camp in collaboration with KU Leuven and offers a unique experience for sixty 16- to 21-year-old partially sighted young adults from almost 20 different countries. Throughout the exchange , the youngsters can participate in a program of various workshops about technological resources and social skills, tailored to their personal needs.
For example, get tips and tricks on how to use a screen reader efficiently and get to know many apps on desktop as well as mobile platforms that boost their productivity in their dilly lives. A special focus is put on solutions that are still new and unknown.
Besides the technical area, there is also a big diversity in workshops on social skills with subjects such as cooking, assertiveness and personal care and appearance. All those workshops are offered by experienced practitioners who are often blind or partially sighted young people themselves, originating from all participating countries. That way, the ICC
provides a unique international exchange of knowledge.
Besides the workshops, the youngsters can also expand their social network across the country borders and discuss culture, sports, music or just have a quiet talk. At this moment, ICC Belgium is very busy with the last preparations of the 10 days event.
Schedules are being compiled, computers and networks are being in stalled, and a team of enthusiast volunteers that will assist participants throughout the camp is receiving their last training sessions. In short, the ICC machine is ready for take-off and the whole project team thrilled to actualize what has taken more than two years of preparation.
Luckily enough , ICC Belgium doesn’t have to accomplish its mission without support. Besides KU Leuven university , ICC Belgium is partnering with, for example, several Lions clubs, Optelec, de Cronos Groep and Telenet and is supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission. Also you can support ICC. You can do so, through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe or by donating on the account number BE96 0017 1193 4105. Material support or a helping hand is welcome as well. 🙂 

2017 ICC Quiz was a real success

Our fund raising activity that took place the 30th of June was a real success. Thanks to Youssri that lead the stream organizing the first ICC QUIZ. More than 30 teams met in Lier and fight for the first place !!! All had a lot of fun.

Quiz logo

Thanks to BQB for the nice and fun collaboration…. see you next year !

ICC Belgium Team



The program of ICC Day is known ! Come and join us !

ICC Day 01/04/2017 – complete program

Want to know exactly what is going on at our next ICC Day in K.I. Woluwe, on Saturday the 1st of April 2017? Find out the complete schedule below, followed by descriptions of all workshops in their respective language. Not subscribed yet? You can still do so at  :



  • 9H – 9H30                      arrival + coffee
  • 9H30 – 10H                    Introduction to ICC Belgium and the ICC Day
  • 10H – 12H00                  Morning workshop session: choice of three different workshops:
  1. Insight in your qualities and ambitions (English)
  2. Egalité dans la diversité: qui est dans le noir? (Frensh)
  3. Effectuer des trajets connus ou inconnus grâce à un ensemble d’applications mobiles (Frensh)
  • 12H30 – 13H30             Lunch, offered by ICC Belgium.
  • 13H30 – 15H15             Afternoon Workshop Session: choice of three different workshops
  1. Eerste hulp bij ontoegankelijke documenten (Dutch)
  2. Voorkomen en uiterlijke verschijning (Dutch)
  3. Egalité dans la diversité: qui est dans le noir? (French)
  • 15H15 – 17H15             introduction to blind football (together in one group)
  • 17H15 – 18H00             Info about the upcoming ICC camp in Leuven and participants’ witness reports

Workshop descriptions

Workshop 1 : Insight in your qualities and ambitions

The aim of this workshop is to give you a better understanding of yourself. Strengths, personal values and motivations are investigated thoroughly so you can choose more deliberately in your future studies or career. By following this with fellow youngsters you will feel inspired and motivated to find your own path.

Workshop 2 : Egalité dans la diversité: qui est dans le noir?

Le but de cet atelier est de faire comprendre que voyants et malvoyants ne sont pas du tout différents, comme on pense souvent; au contraire, ils ont juste une manière un peu différente de gérer les choses dans certains domaines de leur vie quotidienne. Et on veut montrer cela grâce à des activités ludiques et amusantes, ayant pour but surtout l’interaction parmi les participants. C’est pour cela que, dans toutes les activités proposées, les participants seront divisés en équipes ou couples mixtes (malvoyants et voyants). Les voyants auront toujours un bandeau sur les yeux. En particulier, l’atelier offrira des activités comme: 1) Jeux de théâtre (la vue n’est pas du tout essentielle pour communiquer!);

2) Activités de la vie journalière et repères (à quoi est confronté le malvoyant dans sa vie quotidienne?);

3) Calligraphie (est-ce que les voyants peuvent bien écrire sans voir? Et les malvoyants, est-ce qu’ils apprennent quand même à écrire avec un stylo?);

4) Course d’obstacle (comment rendre les oreilles et la canne des instruments de repère);

5) Chasse au trésor (arriver à trouver des choses en utilisant d’autres repères que la vue);

6) Atelier Photo (photo sans voir: comment ça marche?);

7) Caissiers improvisés (tous connaissent l’euro… mais qui va plus vite?).

Workshop 3 : Effectuer des trajets connus ou inconnus grâce à un ensemble d’applications mobiles,

Ces dernières années la quantité d’apps qui prétendent pouvoir t’aider à trouver ton chemin se sont développées de façon exponentielle. La question est de savoir quel app utiliser comme malvoyant. Quelles apps se combinent le mieux entre eux. Quelle app utiliser dans quelle situation. Dans ce workshop on tentera de donner une réponse dynamique adaptée à tes besoins.

Workshop 4 : Eerste hulp bij ontoegankelijke documenten

Stel je voor, je docent of werkgever confronteert je met een stapel schijnbaar ontoegankelijke digitale documenten en verwacht dat je ze nog diezelfde dag verwerkt. Onmogelijk, zou je denken. In deze workshop proberen we het tegendeel te bewijzen en reiken we je een aantal tools aan die je kunnen helpen je documenten altijd en zelfstandig te kunnen lezen en bewerken.

Workshop 5 : voorkomen en uiterlijke verschijning

Je uiterlijke verschijning beïnvloedt hoe mensen naar je kijken, wat op zijn beurt beïnvloedt hoe ze op je reageren. Daarbuiten is jezelf mooi voelen ook goed voor je zelfbeeld. Daarom focussen we in deze workshop op hoe je er opperbest kan uitzien en hebben we aandacht voor de specifieke uitdagingen die hiermee gepaard gaan als je een visuele beperking hebt. Je krijgt handige tips en tricks en de kans om vragen te stellen die voor jou van belang zijn.