We got new laptops thanks to Narato!

Dear ICC Followers,

You remember the great company that helped us developed an accessible app for our camp? Note that Narato does not only creates great software solutions. Thanks to them, ICC Belgium received this week-end 5 laptops !!!

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We are so grateful for all the coming workshops for blind and partially sighted youngsters we will organize with this new material!

Thanks again http://narato.be/ You are the best !!!

ICC Belgium receiving laptops from Narato - best software company ever

The ICC Belgium team

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THE ICC DAY 2018 is COMING !!!

Icc day is coming from games of thrones

Every year, the “ICC Belgium” team organizes a 1-day ICC CAMP in Belgium allowing young blind and partially sighted youngsters to get a first flavor of the potential behind the ICC camp.

Let’s go for a new round this 31st of March 2018

Acknowledged international summer camp for blind and partially sighted youngsters comes to Belgium.

Next week, the ICC project will be hosted in the Belgian city of Leuven. This 10-days event offers blind and partially sighted youngsters from Europe and Japan all kinds of workshops in an educative but fun atmosphere. The workshops prepare them for higher education and
help them integrate in the labour market. ICC Belgium organizes this camp in collaboration with KU Leuven and offers a unique experience for sixty 16- to 21-year-old partially sighted young adults from almost 20 different countries. Throughout the exchange , the youngsters can participate in a program of various workshops about technological resources and social skills, tailored to their personal needs.
For example, get tips and tricks on how to use a screen reader efficiently and get to know many apps on desktop as well as mobile platforms that boost their productivity in their dilly lives. A special focus is put on solutions that are still new and unknown.
Besides the technical area, there is also a big diversity in workshops on social skills with subjects such as cooking, assertiveness and personal care and appearance. All those workshops are offered by experienced practitioners who are often blind or partially sighted young people themselves, originating from all participating countries. That way, the ICC
provides a unique international exchange of knowledge.
Besides the workshops, the youngsters can also expand their social network across the country borders and discuss culture, sports, music or just have a quiet talk. At this moment, ICC Belgium is very busy with the last preparations of the 10 days event.
Schedules are being compiled, computers and networks are being in stalled, and a team of enthusiast volunteers that will assist participants throughout the camp is receiving their last training sessions. In short, the ICC machine is ready for take-off and the whole project team thrilled to actualize what has taken more than two years of preparation.
Luckily enough , ICC Belgium doesn’t have to accomplish its mission without support. Besides KU Leuven university , ICC Belgium is partnering with, for example, several Lions clubs, Optelec, de Cronos Groep and Telenet and is supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission. Also you can support ICC. You can do so, through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe or by donating on the account number BE96 0017 1193 4105. Material support or a helping hand is welcome as well. 🙂 

2017 ICC Quiz was a real success

Our fund raising activity that took place the 30th of June was a real success. Thanks to Youssri that lead the stream organizing the first ICC QUIZ. More than 30 teams met in Lier and fight for the first place !!! All had a lot of fun.

Quiz logo

Thanks to BQB for the nice and fun collaboration…. see you next year !

ICC Belgium Team



The program of ICC Day is known ! Come and join us !

ICC Day 01/04/2017 – complete program

Want to know exactly what is going on at our next ICC Day in K.I. Woluwe, on Saturday the 1st of April 2017? Find out the complete schedule below, followed by descriptions of all workshops in their respective language. Not subscribed yet? You can still do so at  :



  • 9H – 9H30                      arrival + coffee
  • 9H30 – 10H                    Introduction to ICC Belgium and the ICC Day
  • 10H – 12H00                  Morning workshop session: choice of three different workshops:
  1. Insight in your qualities and ambitions (English)
  2. Egalité dans la diversité: qui est dans le noir? (Frensh)
  3. Effectuer des trajets connus ou inconnus grâce à un ensemble d’applications mobiles (Frensh)
  • 12H30 – 13H30             Lunch, offered by ICC Belgium.
  • 13H30 – 15H15             Afternoon Workshop Session: choice of three different workshops
  1. Eerste hulp bij ontoegankelijke documenten (Dutch)
  2. Voorkomen en uiterlijke verschijning (Dutch)
  3. Egalité dans la diversité: qui est dans le noir? (French)
  • 15H15 – 17H15             introduction to blind football (together in one group)
  • 17H15 – 18H00             Info about the upcoming ICC camp in Leuven and participants’ witness reports

Workshop descriptions

Workshop 1 : Insight in your qualities and ambitions

The aim of this workshop is to give you a better understanding of yourself. Strengths, personal values and motivations are investigated thoroughly so you can choose more deliberately in your future studies or career. By following this with fellow youngsters you will feel inspired and motivated to find your own path.

Workshop 2 : Egalité dans la diversité: qui est dans le noir?

Le but de cet atelier est de faire comprendre que voyants et malvoyants ne sont pas du tout différents, comme on pense souvent; au contraire, ils ont juste une manière un peu différente de gérer les choses dans certains domaines de leur vie quotidienne. Et on veut montrer cela grâce à des activités ludiques et amusantes, ayant pour but surtout l’interaction parmi les participants. C’est pour cela que, dans toutes les activités proposées, les participants seront divisés en équipes ou couples mixtes (malvoyants et voyants). Les voyants auront toujours un bandeau sur les yeux. En particulier, l’atelier offrira des activités comme: 1) Jeux de théâtre (la vue n’est pas du tout essentielle pour communiquer!);

2) Activités de la vie journalière et repères (à quoi est confronté le malvoyant dans sa vie quotidienne?);

3) Calligraphie (est-ce que les voyants peuvent bien écrire sans voir? Et les malvoyants, est-ce qu’ils apprennent quand même à écrire avec un stylo?);

4) Course d’obstacle (comment rendre les oreilles et la canne des instruments de repère);

5) Chasse au trésor (arriver à trouver des choses en utilisant d’autres repères que la vue);

6) Atelier Photo (photo sans voir: comment ça marche?);

7) Caissiers improvisés (tous connaissent l’euro… mais qui va plus vite?).

Workshop 3 : Effectuer des trajets connus ou inconnus grâce à un ensemble d’applications mobiles,

Ces dernières années la quantité d’apps qui prétendent pouvoir t’aider à trouver ton chemin se sont développées de façon exponentielle. La question est de savoir quel app utiliser comme malvoyant. Quelles apps se combinent le mieux entre eux. Quelle app utiliser dans quelle situation. Dans ce workshop on tentera de donner une réponse dynamique adaptée à tes besoins.

Workshop 4 : Eerste hulp bij ontoegankelijke documenten

Stel je voor, je docent of werkgever confronteert je met een stapel schijnbaar ontoegankelijke digitale documenten en verwacht dat je ze nog diezelfde dag verwerkt. Onmogelijk, zou je denken. In deze workshop proberen we het tegendeel te bewijzen en reiken we je een aantal tools aan die je kunnen helpen je documenten altijd en zelfstandig te kunnen lezen en bewerken.

Workshop 5 : voorkomen en uiterlijke verschijning

Je uiterlijke verschijning beïnvloedt hoe mensen naar je kijken, wat op zijn beurt beïnvloedt hoe ze op je reageren. Daarbuiten is jezelf mooi voelen ook goed voor je zelfbeeld. Daarom focussen we in deze workshop op hoe je er opperbest kan uitzien en hebben we aandacht voor de specifieke uitdagingen die hiermee gepaard gaan als je een visuele beperking hebt. Je krijgt handige tips en tricks en de kans om vragen te stellen die voor jou van belang zijn.

Dinner in the dark – It’s now possible to book a reservation for the Saturday 11th of March 2017

Are you up for the challenge?


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No excuse not to come by 😉

The 10th of March 2017.

You are welcome from 6PM for the reception.

We will start guiding participants to their tables from 7PM.

The concert of Los Del Trè will start at 9PM.

Please note that the party afterwards is open to anyone (even if they did not participate to the dinner). The entrance is free of charge!  Do not hesitate to invite your friends !

The 11th of March 2017.
ICC invites you now for the dinner on the 11th of March 2017.


Kasteel Van Hoen

Kasteellaan 17
3450 Geetbets

For 75€ per person (3-courses dinner, drinks included during dinner)
Tables of 10 persons.
Drinks will be available for sale before and after your dinner.

Update on our “Go Fund Me” Plateform

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From the entire icc Belgium team, we want to wish every single one of you happy and marvellous holidays and a new year in which you are able to realize all your wishes. Also , we want to express our sincere gratitude for all help we have received so far in our mission to bring more independence and inclusion to the world of blind and visually impaired people. A mission that, more than anything, we promise to strive for in the upcoming year in which the first edition of ICC in Belgium will see the light of These 10 days, where European blind and visually impaired people unite and gain the necessary skills to thrive in their study and professional lives, can not exist without your continuing support.
So already now , we want to thank you for all help, albeit in the form of a donation, a service or simply by spreading the word about this project, to accomplish this mission, also in our most exciting year so far, 2017.

A break during an ICC Camp with a guitar player and someone drinking a cola
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