ICC Day – Schedule & Workshops – English version

ICC Day 31/03/2018 – complete program

Want to know exactly what is going on at our next ICC Day in K.I. Woluwe, on Saturday the 31st  of March 2018?

Find out the complete schedule of activities here below, including their main language, followed by all workshop descriptions. You are welcome in any workshop, even the ones taught in a language you don’t master, our workshop leaders will do their best to help you anyway. Not subscribed yet? You can still do so at :



  • 9u – 9u30 arrival + coffee
  • 9u30 – 10h introduction to ICC Belgium and the ICC Day
  • 10u – 12h15 morning workshop session: make your choice between 4 different workshops
    • Echolocation (NL/FR/EN)
    • First aid for inaccessible documents (NL)
    • Personal appearance (FR)
    • Travelling abroad (NL/EN)
  • 12u30 – 13u30 lunch, offered by ICC Belgium
  • 13u30 – 15h00 afternoon Workshop Session: make your choice between 4 different workshop
    • Echo location (NL/FR/EN)
    • NVDA, the free and open source screen reader (NL)
    • Non-verbal communication (NL)
    • The great app exchange (NL/FR/EN)
  • 15h15 – 17u15 leisure time activities (all languages mixed): make your choice between 3 activities
    • Music : jam session
    • Introduction to Jiu-Jitsu
    • Time for talking and board games
  • 17h15 – 18h00 info about the upcoming ICC camp in Zadar Croatia and participants witness reports

Workshop descriptions


1.    First aid for inaccessible documents:

Imagine! Your professor or employer hands out a stack of seemingly inaccessible pdf documents and expects you to deal with them during the same day. Impossible, you think? In this workshop, we will prove the contrary and provide you with a range of tools that help you access and work with any document type immediately, independently and everywhere, also on your mobile device.

2.    The Great App exchange

Mobile apps are the true power lying within smart devices such as smartphones or tablets and assist us in fully functioning as an independent human being. This workshop is a great opportunity to demonstrate and share the apps you cannot live without. So grab your phone or tablet and tell us about your favorite apps!

3.    Personal appearance

Wat you look like defines how you are perceived by other people, which in turn influences how they’ll react to you. Moreover, feeling beautiful also increases your self-esteem. That is why this workshop focuses on how you can look at your best and how to overcome common challenges you face in this respect with a visual impairment. You will have the opportunity to get tips and tricks and ask questions that are important to you personally.

4.    NVdA

Have you ever wondered if it is really necessary to pay thousands of euros to get speech and braille access to a Windows machine? Well, in fact, it is not. That is why you will be introduced to a free and open source alternative, called Non Visual Desktop Access, that does the job at least as well as the others. In this workshop, you will be able to test and experience NVDA’s ease of use, rendering all common Windows applications accessible without any effort, as well as obtain more information on how to get the most out of this free screen reader.

5.    Echo Location

Sensing what’s around you with sounds … it is now possible with echolocation. In this workshop, you will learn hands-on how a tong click can help you avoid obstacles, sense the distance to objects and people, and generally orienting yourself in your surrounding’s more easily and independently.

6.    Travelling abroad

Travelling is amazing, you learn a lot, especially things that are not written down in books or that you can find on your computer in your room. Besides, an impairment is no obstacle in the first place which actually stops you from travelling anywhere on your own; however, it might be a challenge sometimes, should you have to face any unexpected issues on your journey. In other words: no matter what might happen, you got to be prepared! Therefore in this workshop we would like to talk about travelling in and outside Belgium and to exchange experiences and stories. Whether you travel a lot or are new to the subject, you are welcome in this workshop to share your story and learn new things!

7.    Non-verbal communication

In everyday life, non-verbal communication plays a pivotal role. We say many things to each other without speaking, on social media such as Instagram, for example. Even when we are involved in a spoken conversation, it is not always easy to understand the message completely, as a blind or visually impaired person, since 55 % of our communication happens through body language. In this, we will share tips and tricks interactively that help you understand where information could be lost and how to deal with these cases effectively