About us

ICC Belgium – Inclusion Creates Chances

ICC Belgium empowers young visually impaired people, creating chances for a more included, connected and independent future. To achieve this, we organise workshops on essential life skills in a friendly atmosphere with an international touch.

How do you use your computer or smartphone with voice-over and screen readers? Which skills are important to jump into a new adventure, like higher education, a professional career or an exchange experience? And what about living on your own and doing fun things with your spare time? Everything is possible when you are blind or partially sighted. We make innovative solutions accessible for all by learning from each other.
Come see it for yourself!

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Our team

Driving our organisation is an inclusive team of young and dynamic enthusiasts working voluntarily and having our mission running through their veins. The board of ICC Belgium has currently 6 members. The main task of the board is to manage the day-to-day follow up of our projects. Each board member is responsible for a specific stream: events, expertise centre, communication, HR and finance. Every stream has a team ready to help. Besides that, there are also project-specific teams for bigger events or other promising projects. The general assembly has around 15 members and meets every 3 months to discuss new ideas and evaluate passed projects.

Besides that, we can rely on a lot of excellent volunteers. They assist us for example with organising events and guiding our visually impaired participants. If you want to become a volunteer yourself, then go to this page.

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