ICC Belgium

Our vision and mission

ICC Belgium is a non-profit organisation that wants to create chances in our society for blind and partially sighted people. We strive for inclusion, in our own organisation as well as in the society. We want to create chances for participation in higher education and on the labour market as well as for a social and independent life. To achieve this, we focus on the development of knowledge and skills for visually impaired people. Besides that, we try to raise awareness in society on the implications of having a visual disability.

Our vision is to create a world were a “visual” disability is a mere difference in processing life. The three pillars to achieve this vision are the following:

  • Building an effective centre of excellence;
  • Organising sensitising activities;
  • Influencing policies on inclusion of persons with a disability.

On medio-term, we want to open a centre of excellence. This centre will provide advanced workshops and innovative tools. It will create the possibility to connect different communities.

ICC Belgium is different in many ways. First of all, we rely on a strong and already developed and mature International network that connects participants and other partners. Secondly, we focus on innovative solutions and technology. Lastly, we want Blind and partially sighted to be in the driving seat of our projects.

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