Dinner in the dark

Don’t miss our ICC annual dinner in the dark !

You will have to…

Taste, hear, feel and smell

… But you do not see anything during an entire 3-courses dinner.

After the dinner, you are invited for a little party with us in the same room but not in the dark anymore.

Are you up for the challenge?

What ? A Dinner in the Dark?

 Yes! You can! Start with a refreshing aperitif in our reception area. Then the adventure really begins. Once you enter the room, you step as a blind in the world. You get the opportunity to enjoy a delicious three-course dinner prepared by a top chef.

To complete the adventure, we don’t tell in advance anything about what you will get on your plate. You can warn us ahead of the dinner about any allergies of course!  We guarantee you a high quality and original menu. Afterwards you get to see what was on your plate.

You will be accompanied throughout the evening by blind and visually impaired waiters. Your personal waiter will show you the way in the dark. The roles are thus reversed for one night.

 An amazing experience

In addition to a culinary experience, you also enter a separate challenge. You are experiencing flavors, sounds, and the company in a different way. Get to know yourself better. You get a chance to better understand what it means to live with a visual impairment. This dinner will give you the opportunity to experience a real life experience and in the same time support ICC Belgium.

Go in a different way to eat with your friends, family or colleagues. It can be a fun team building and strengthen ties. Come with your partner? This may be an original date in lieu of the traditional candlelight dinner.

Next edition will take place in 2018. Stay tune.