Declaration & informed consent

a) I agree to taking part in the ICC Belgium activity I am subscribing to. I confirm I have read and understood all the information sent to me regarding this activity.

b) I confirm that any form sent to ICC Belgium has been completed accurately and I undertake to update ICC Belgium should any of the information contained in these forms be changed.

c) I agree to pay the registration fee, if applicable, for the activity I subscribed to, as mentioned in the invitation or other written communication by ICC Belgium.

d) I acknowledge the need for a code of conduct based on fairness and mutual respect at ICC Belgium’s activities and I understand that if I fail to adhere to this code of conduct beyond mediation of ICC Belgium staff, my participation to the activity can be terminated , without refunding possibilities.

Medical Information

E) I have accurately reported all my medical conditions when requested and will ensure all possible medication needed during the activity is available for its entire duration.

f) I have notified ICC Belgium of all allergies and the symptoms and treatments associated with them, when requested.

g) I will inform ICC Belgium as soon as possible of any changes in the medical information or other circumstances between now and the start of the activity.

h) I agree to receive medication as instructed and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including anaesthetics and blood transfusion, as deemed necessary by the medical authorities present.

Liability and Insurance

i) To the extent permissible under applicable law, I hereby understand and agree that ICC Belgium shall only be liable for any loss or damage caused by gross negligence or wilful act of ICC Belgium, its legal representatives or auxiliary persons. Such limitation shall not apply in the case of physical injury, injury to health or death caused by negligence, gross negligence or wilful act of ICC Belgium, its legal representatives or auxiliary persons.

j) I hereby understand that it is my responsibility to obtain adequate insurance cover for the participation at ICC Belgium activities. This applies particularly to property and personal insurances (including travel, accident, personal liability and health insurances).

Personal Data and Pictures

k) I declare my informed consent that the data collected via forms sent out by ICC Belgium are processed and used for organisational purposes and for guaranteeing my safety and security during ICC Belgium activities.

l) Furthermore I declare my informed consent that the pictures and videos taken during ICC Belgium’s activities can be used for reporting in ICC Belgium’s  own, as well as third party print, broadcast and online media.