ICC weekend 2021 schedule

Friday october 15, 2021

  • 18h00-18h30: Welcome
  • 18h30-19h30: dinner
  • 20h00-22h00: Leisure time activities, choice between:
    • Music quiz
    • Whist
    • Dancing
    • Board games
  • 22h00: bar

Saturday october 16, 2021

  • 07h30-09h00: Breakfast
  • 09h30: Assembly
  • 10h00-12h00: Workshop session 1, choice between:
    • Taboo session
      The aim of our taboo breaking sessions is to discuss various difficult and delicate subjects in a safe environment. We have prepared a few topics to get started, but your contribution is key and will help define this workshop. Seated around the table, we’ll take our time to discuss things which are not easy to talk about, with complete respect for each other’s opinions however different they might be from our own.  So Is there something you always wanted to discuss, and do you only wait for the right moment? Then grab a coffee or a  tea, a comfortable seat, and be welcome around the table with the circle of trust!
    • Cooking
      Do you sometimes feel like you want to eat something different than the standard dishes that you often make and/or eat? Or are you not really such a kitchen talent for yourself or your friends and you might still want to create a certain food specialty of your own. Then this excellent basic yet creative cooking workshop is for you. If you have an allergy to a certain food, don’t be put off by not wanting to participate, because there is a solution in the kitchen for everything.
    • Make-up
      Make-up! Definitely something you’ll find in many girl’s bathrooms. Friends will talk about the newest trends, try out a variety of products and compare several brands that they got introduced to through the newest video tutorials.
      But make-up is so much more than trends and following influencers online. It’s also about taking the time for self-care, exploring what you feel when you are giving yourself the gift of looking at your best. And if you think that you cannot put on make-up without sight, think again! Lina, Georgia and Dorien will share with you some tips and tricks and you’ll get the chance to find out what suits you best when applying foundation, blush, eye shadow, etc.
      To be able to give the maximum of our individual attention, we will work in groups of 4 participants and give the workshop 2 times.
    • Become a master lay-outer
      Did you ever already have to create an attractive looking report for your teacher, professor or boss? Weren’t you sure about how to start with that? Did you ask somebody to fix the lay-out for you? Don’t concepts like margins, alignment, headings … ring a bell?
      If the answer on the previous questions is no, then this workshop is the perfect fit for you.
      We will go over how you can bring lay-out in your documents yourself. We will highlight some of the most important concepts, show why they are important taking into account for both you and your (sighted) reader and show you how to apply them.
      Does this sound interesting? Then come and join us for two hours of styling, aligning and defining!
  • 12h00-13h00: lunch
  • 13h15: assembly
  • 13h30-15h30: Workshop session 2, choice between:
    • stepping into the labour market
      Are you finishing your studies and wanting to step into the labour market? Are you currently looking for a job? Or are you already working? You might know or find out that joining work life is not Always that easy.
      – How do you find a job that fits your studies, needs and personnality?
      – Do you immedeately mention your disability?
      – What will be the reaction of the employer?
      – How do you tackle prejudices or biases?
      And once you found a job, there will still be challenges left:
      – How do you ask reasonable adaptations for your needs?
      – How do you ask help from your colleagues?
      How do you deal with tasks that are impossible to do for you?
      And what about a good work-life balance?
      We, Eline and Daisy, will be happy to discuss these topics with you. A perfect solution to handle these challenges does not exist. But we would like to share our experiences and learn from yours. By discussing and debating on some statements, we will get to know each other’s views and maybe learn some tips and tricks to try out ourselves.
      Hope to see you in our workshop!
    • Make-up
    • Introduction to Reaper
      You use a screen-reader and you want to do something with audio? No matter if you’re a podcaster, a musician, a producer, or just passionate about sound, Reaper can do the audio and midi editing for you …and guess what … it’s all accessible and free to use. In this workshop, we firstly introduce you to what Reaper is and what exactly it can do. Then we show you some of its workflow basics and unleash the full power of the digital audio workstation with both audio and midi editing examples. Of course, there will be time for questions and to point you towards the right resources that can help you make Reaper do what you want it to do.
    • Introduction to programming in Python
      Do you want to become a real geek, and you are not afraid of snakes? Then, the python workshop is the place to be!
      In this workshop, you’llget an introduction to python, a popular programming language. With basic exercises, we’ll guide you through your first programming experiences.
      Excited to learn more? Subscribe to this workshop and we’ll meet you there!
  • 15h30-16h00: Coffee break
  • 16h00-18h30: Leisure time activities, choice between:
    • Climbing
    • Forest game
    • Blind football
    • Board games
  • 18h30-19h30: Dinner
  • 20h00: Party

Sunday october 17, 2021

  • 07h30-09h00: Breakfast
  • 09h00-09h45: Packing/cleaning up
  • 09h45-10h00: Assembly
  • 10h00-12h00: Workshop session 3, choice between:
    • The big app exchange
      We are constantly being bombarded with new apps. We have a few that we can introduce to you, but we’re mostly counting on you. Do you have an app you think everyone should know about? Shoot! We present the apps based on a number of categories, but there will certainly be room for apps outside these categories.
    • Music Production Without Sight,finding your Way through the Maze
      Making and producing music on a professional level, it is now also possible without sight. Finding your way around the different software, virtual instruments and hardware is however not at all easy.
      That’s why we want to show you a glimpse of how far it can go in this workshop. Through interactive demo’s, diving deep into the workflow of professional blind producers in different styles of music, we explain the basics of what is needed to make their tracks come to life. Then, we’ll compare the different software options you have to produce accessibly with a screen reader and point you to the right resources to get started with any of them. We also take some time to zoom in on the Komplete Kontrol, a speaking and accessible midi key board and an essential tool for any blind producer. Mostly though, our team of producers will be here to answer your questions and point you to the tools and platforms that best suit your needs.
    • Start to workout
      Do you sit a lot or don’t move that often? Would like to move your ass a little bit more, but does it all sound to heavy? We have the solution to get your summer body ready! In this two hour workshop we will learn you to do a quick seven minute work-out to take home that fits your needs. We will try out different exercises on different levels to train all your muscles. Put a good beat on it and start to work out. This workshop will be very basic and is meant for beginners.
    • Navigation apps and hardware for independent travel
      As a legally blind entrepreneur I independently travel all around Europe thanks to my navigation technology. In this interactive workshop I will explain how I achieve this and demonstrate various apps and hardware products. All hardware products will be available in the workshop or for a personal demonstration afterwards.
      – Introduction
      – Google or Apple maps, which is better?
      – Specialized navigation apps: BlindSquare and Lazarillo
      – Wearables: FeelSpace and N-Vibe
      – Controlling your phone: Rivo and Hable One
      This workshop is of interest to blind and low vision participants who cannot use a visual mat, regardless of independent travel experience. Participants who have relevant experience are encouraged to share their knowledge and thoughts.
  • 12h00-13h00: Lunch

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