Youth exchange Portugal 2020

For all blind and visually impaired youngsters

You are blind or partially sighted between 16 and 20, a networker that loves travelling, meeting new people and culture and interested in computers and new technologies ?

Then the ICC 2020 summer camp is the place to be !!!

To subscribe? Follow this link. Subscribing is possible until april 30, 2020.

The camp in a nutshell

ICC 2020 in Aveiro, Portugal, is a very special opportunity to learn how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Assistive Technologies (AT) enrich the life of blind and partially sighted people.

Students from about 15 European countries enjoyed plenty of intercultural activities, communication and networking, planning for future studying and job integration, fun and leisure time activities.

jarno laughing while playing with his phone


For whom?

Any blind or partially sighted youngster from 16 to 21 years-old


July 21 – 30, 2020 


University of Aveiro
3810-193 Aveiro

Based on your needs and previous knowledge you are invited to select from a list of more than 20 workshops (3 and 6 hours each), focusing on latest ICT / AT (e.g. Internet, music, speech input, games, coding), social and presentation as well as daily living skills, ICT and AT supported mobility, …

Leisure Time Activities
ICC is fun! Enjoy fascinating and challenging activities you never thought of – together with peers from all around the world!

The language used at the camp is English. Having good skills in speaking English is absolutely necessary to benefit from the programme.

The general participation fee, covering all expenses for the camp, will normally not exceed € 500 per participant (travel costs are not included – possibility that ICC Belgium participate to the travel costs. Still to be determined).

To subscribe? Follow this link

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